Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge (2012)

Starring: Joseph Millson, Joshua Richards, Michael Jibson, Gary Mavers.

Status: Out Now – Entertainment One (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia)

Sean takes his two friends into the rural wilds of Wales in search of an underworld specialist who can illegally revive his failing business. Deep in alien, isolated territory, they accidentally cross William Parry, a broken and desperate farmer dangerously hateful and paranoid of all around him.

The situation spins rapidly out of control, spiraling into a horrific heart of darkness spree of pointless violence and revenge as Parry hunts the three friends across the stark and unforgiving terrain.

Devils Bridge Dogs of Annwn

“The embodiment of full-bloodied, hands-on brutality… A dark, thoughtful film, which offers characters to care about and a murky
depiction of right and wrong. Simple and exhilarating.” – Nia Edwards-Behi, Brutal as Hell.

“A British ‘Deliverance’ A white-knuckle ride into the darkest depths of terror.” – 
Impact Magazine.

“Crow tells his tale with energy, economy and a very specific creative vision.” – Starburst Magazine.