The Lighthouse (2016)

The Lighthouse Theatrical Release Quad Poster (Soda)

Directed by: Chris Crow
Produced by: David Lloyd
Starring: Michael Jibson & Mark Lewis Jones.
Status: Out Now – Soda (UK and Ireland)
Platforms: DVD, Amazon Video, iTunes, Sky Store





Background And Synopsis

Developed in collaboration with Ffilm Cymru Wales, the BFI and BBC Films as part of the Cinematic Wales scheme, co-written and directed by Chris Crow and produced by David Lloyd, The Lighthouse is a historical chiller, based on the infamous Smalls Island Incident of 1801 The Lighthouse follows Thomas Howell and Thomas Griffith’s disastrous posting to Smalls Island Lighthouse to ‘keep the light’ 25 miles from land and surrounded by the deadly Irish sea. The men are stranded in a freak storm that rages for months, nothing short of an act of God. The film tells a tale of death, madness and isolation; a desolate trip into the heart of human darkness.


The Lighthouse was released Summer 2016 by Soda Pictures, and recently received 5 BAFTA Cymru nominations for: Director – Chris Crow, Actor – Mark Lewis Jones, Editing – John Gillanders, Photography and Lighting – Alex Metcalfe, and Special and Visual Effects, Titles and Graphic Identity – Dogs Of Annwn. The film won the BAFTA Cymru 2017 award for Special And Visual Effects, Titles and Graphic Identity. In May 2017 it won Best Feature Film at the 2017 Carmarthen Bay Film Festival.



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Reviewer’s Comments


“The Lighthouse is the best Welsh film of the year. It’s a tense psychological drama where the greatest danger lurks inside the imagination.” – Rob Aldam, Backseat Mafia.

“An effectively told story with an introspective ontological curiosity, it champions the intelligence and integrity of genre cinema, while managing to not sacrifice itself as a well told yarn.” – 
Paul Risker, Film Frame.

“The Lighthouse is a welcome beacon of quality in a genre often happy to rely on cheap tricks and easy scares and offers so much more, amply rewarding those who are willing to embrace its blunt and brittle world.” – Paul Mount, Starburst Magazine.




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